Join to add Videos

Get a free BASIC manage video account this allows you to add and manage up to 10 videos.

Go to the Top menu and Click SIGNUP,
Then click Manage Video

BASIC Manage video account – 
(1) Able to add up to 10 videos
(2) Add like to drive visitors to website
(3) Create playlist
(4) Pin Video to Wall
 love (like) video.
Basic account has all the features of the Freeuser account


*First add the video to youtube or Vimeo

*add the video URL to our site (click yes to add URL)

*Add video image ( Width 392px & Height 220px.)
Facebook recently a change to preferred image size. ). You may add the image from youtube.

*Add Title (The title should contain relevant keywords for the video)

*Add Description -  (The description should contain relevant keywords for the video with in the first 4 lines).

Manage and add videos
There are two types of accounts a FREE USER and a MANAGE VIDEO account.
Free User – Allows you at PIN favored videos to Playlist/Wall and love videos
Manage Video – Allow you to add and manage videos & includes free user privileges. This account may or may not be a paid account depending on the video directory site.